Get Involved

How can you become involved in SIGHPC? We have a few suggestions on this page, with plans for even more ways that we can all help to grow our profession being added over the coming months. Have your own ideas about how SIGHPC can be a force for positive change in HPC? Let us know by dropping an email to

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  Membership in SIGHPC is available internationally to anyone participating or interested in high performance computing, and does not require membership in ACM. For just $25/year, you get member rates at "must attend" community events, the SIGHPC Connect newsletter, and access to new colleagues, research reports, conference proceedings, and more.
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Spread the word.

  Working together to grow our profession means attracting the best and brightest to lend their talents to achieving our mission. You can play a key role in the success of SIGHPC by spreading the word. The resources below are a quick and easy way to let your associates and colleagues know about all that SIGHPC has to offer.

Get a badge

A sure way to attract the best and brightest to SIGHPC is to tell them about our current stars: you! Get a badge to add to your online presence and let the world know you are leading the way. Learn more
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Hang a poster

Head to your nearest color printer and print out a poster (or two) to pin on your bulletin board or tack up on your wall.  Download
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Get connected.

  Being involved means staying connected. SIGHPC is in the web, in all the places you already go. Connect to us at Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Visit the SIGHPC YouTube Channel.