Workshops at SC - Special Process

Please note that this process applies only to workshops accepted for inclusion at the annual SC conference.  See elsewhere for information regarding other workshops.

A new arrangement makes it possible to publish the proceedings of certain SC workshops as separate publications.  Because of SC’s arrangements with ACM and IEEE-CS, the proceedings will then be archived in both the ACM Digital Library and IEEE Xplore.  This option applies only if:
  • the workshop is accepted for SC,
  • a quality peer-review process will be used to select the papers in the proceedings,
  • the workshop organizers meet SIGHPC's requirements (below), and
  • the final version of the proceedings can be uploaded into the digital archives no later than October 15, 2017 (hard deadline).
To qualify for this special arrangement, the workshop organizers will need to agree to the requirements (below) and submit a brief proposal to SIGHPC.

Benefits to the Workshop

Under this arrangement, the workshop will enjoy the following benefits:
  • advertisement of the workshop via SIGHPC's website and newsletter
  • permission to use ACM SIGHPC name and logo on publicity/publication materials
  • hosting of the proceedings in ACM's Digital Library, where papers will be accessible free-of-charge to all SIGHPC members, as well as via normal subscription arrangements
  • hosting of the proceedings in IEEE’s Xplore, where papers will be accessible via normal subscription arrangements
  • availability of the proceedings on-line during the workshop at SC, and accessible via the online SC program
  • open access to the proceedings for one month following the workshop
  • brief summary of the workshop published in SIGHPC's newsletter after the conference is over

Requirements for SC17 Workshop Organizers

The workshop organizers must submit a brief proposal to, using the forms provided at the bottom of this page. Most proposers should use the proposal (new) form; however, if the last occurrence of your workshop was supported by SIGHPC, use the abbreviated proposal (renewal) form instead. Note that at least one workshop organizer must be a member of SIGHPC. The proposal will be reviewed by the SIGHPC Executive Committee to ensure that the workshop organizers:

  • will solicit papers openly and impose a formal peer review process
  • have put in place a quality Program Committee for overseeing that process
  • will refrain from issuing any call-for-papers until after the SIGHPC Executive Committee has/hasn't approved the proposal
  • will refrain from mentioning SIGHPC on the website until after the proposal has been approved
  • agree to use a standardized format for workshop names (agreed upon by SC and SIGHPC)
  • agree to prepare the proceedings using the same format and process as the SC Proceedings, with publication date listed as the first day of SC, 12 Nov 2017 (this is not necessarily the day the workshop takes place)
  • agree to upload the final proceedings to the digital archives no later than 15 Oct 2017 (hard deadline)
  • agree to include the SC logo on their website with the wording “Held in conjunction with SC17:  The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis”
  • agree to include the SIGHPC logo on their website with the working “In cooperation with <logo>”
  • agree to provide a brief summary of the workshop to SIGHPC within 90 days after the event, using the report form at the bottom of this page
The Executive Committee will accept proposals at any time, but may require up to 4 weeks to review the proposal and finalize its decision.

Recommended Timeline for SC17 Workshops

Because time is required for approving your proposal to SIGHPC, inviting submissions, handling reviews, and preparing the proceedings, workshop organizers are cautioned to plan their timeline carefully. Workshop proposals must be submitted to by May 1.

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