HPC is a highly innovative profession, and members of our community successfully compete for many different types of awards and recognition. SIGHPC wants to help raise the profile of HPC, and support the development of our members, by encouraging the nomination of highly qualified applicants for special recognition in the HPC and computing communities.

Help us celebrate our colleagues' success:
     Recent winners of ACM/IEEE-CS Ken Kennedy Award
     Recent winner of ACM/W Athena Lecturer Award
     Recent winners of IEEE Seymour Cray Award
     Recent winners of IEEE Sidney Fernbach Award
     Recent winner of ACM/IEEE-CS Eckert-Mauchly Award
     Recent winners of ACM Gordon Bell Prize
     Recent winners ACM/IEEE-CS George Michael HPC Fellowships
     Recent winners of SC conference awards

Fellowship winners at SC12
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    HPC Awards and Prizes
    Advanced Grades in societies

2012 HPC Fellowship winners.
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