Previous Recipients

IEEE TCSC Award for Excellence for Early Career Researchers (Prior to SC16)

IEEE TCSC Award for Excellence in Scalable Computing for Early Career Researchers recognized individuals who have made outstanding, influential, and potentially long-lasting contributions in the field  of scalable computing within 5 years of receiving their PhD degree as of January 1st of the year of the award. Awardees in 2013, 2014 and 2015 received their awards at SC conferences.

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2016 Recipients

Kyle Chard
 is a Senior Researcher and Fellow in the Computation Institute at the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory. His research interests include distributed computing, resource allocation, service oriented science, and computational and data-intensive science. He is a member of the Globus team where he contributes to the development of scientific services that support scalable movement, sharing, analysis, cataloging, and publication of research data. 

Kyle has developed social and economic methods for securely and efficiently allocating resources in high performance and distributing computing environments; these methods include cooperative market models, secure auction-based techniques, and economic negotiation strategies. More recently he has developed automated and cost-aware cloud provisioning techniques for efficiently executing large-scale scientific analyses. Kyle received his PhD from the Department of Engineering and Computer Science at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Sunita Chandrasekaran
 is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware with the Computer & Information Sciences Department. Her research interests include exploring suitability of high-level programming models and runtime systems for HPC and embedded platforms along with exploring challenges while migrating scientific applications to such systems. Her research publications are on developing and using parallel programming models, building compiler and runtime frameworks, and adapting scientific applications on parallel computing platforms. 

Sunita has served on various technical program committees and has been co-chairing parallel programming workshops/symposiums co-located with SC, ISC, IPDPS and SIAM conferences. Prof. Chandrasekaran received her PhD from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. 

Seyong Lee
 is a computer scientist in the Computer Science and Mathematics Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His research interests include parallel programming and performance optimization in heterogeneous computing environments, program analysis, and optimizing compilers.

Lee is a member of the OpenACC Technical Forum, and he served as a program committee/guest editor/external reviewer for various conferences, journals, and research proposals. He received his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University. 

2015 Recipients

lkay Altintas is the Director for the Center of Excellence in Workflows for Data Science  at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), UCSD. Since joining SDSC in 2001, she has worked on different aspects of scientific workflows as a principal investigator and in other leadership roles across a wide range of cross-disciplinary NSF, DOE, NIH and Moore Foundation projects. She is a co-initiator of and an active contributor to the open-source Kepler Scientific Workflow System, and the co-author of publications related to eScience at the intersection of scientific workflows, provenance, distributed computing, bioinformatics, observatory systems, conceptual data querying, and software modeling.

Ilkay Altintas received her Ph.D. degree from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands with an emphasis on provenance of workflow-driven collaborative science and she is currently an assistant research scientist at UCSD.

Aydın Buluç is a Computational Research Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). His research interests include parallel computing, combinatorial scientific computing, high performance graph analysis, sparse matrix computations, computational genomics and neuroscience. Previously, he was a Luis W. Alvarez postdoctoral fellow at LBNL and a visiting scientist at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing. Aydın Buluç is a recipient of the DOE Early Career Award in 2013. He is also a founding associate editor of the ACM Transactions on Parallel Computing. As a graduate student, he spent a semester at the Mathematics Department of MIT, and a summer at the CSRI institute of Sandia National Laboratories, in New Mexico. He is a member of the SIAM and the ACM. 

Aydın Buluç received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2010 and his BS in Computer Science and Engineering from Sabanci University, Turkey in 2005. 

Kurt B. Ferreira
 is a Senior Member at the Sandia National Laboratories. His area of expertise is system software and resilience/fault-tolerance methods for large-scale, massively parallel, distributed-memory, scientific computing systems. He has designed and developed a number of innovative, high-performance, and resilient implementations of low-level system software for several HPC platforms including the Cray Red Storm (XT3) machine at Sandia National Laboratories. His research interests include the design and construction of operating systems for massively parallel processing machines and innovative application and system-level fault-tolerance mechanisms for HPC. 

Kurt B. Ferreira received his BS in mathematics and BS in computer science in 2000 from New Mexico Tech, his MS in computer science in 2008, and his PhD in computer  science in 2011 from the University of New Mexico.

2014 Recipients

Abhinav Bhatele, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA 
Jed Brown, Argonne National Laboratory & University of Colorado Boulder, USA 
Yong Chen, Texas Tech University, USA 
Ioan Raicu, Illinois Institute of Technology & Argonne National Laboratory, USA 
Ivan Rodero, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA

2013 Recipients

Yuriy Brun, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, USA 
Jeff R. Hammond, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL, USA
Torsten Höfler, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland