How SIGHPC Helps

Fellowship applications are evaluated by the ACM/IEEE-CS George Michael Memorial HPC Fellowships Committee. 

SIGHPC helps in various ways:
  • Suggests members for the Fellowships Committee
  • Serves as the HPC community's point-of-contact with fellowship winners and their host during the annual SC Conference
  • Arranges their visit to SC and helps them make contacts with senior experts in their area of research
  • Coordinates visits to HPC applications sites (industry, government laboratories, etc.)

Visits to HPC User Sites

HPC graduate students do not have many opportunities to engage with their counterparts in industry and non-academic research organizations.  SIGHPC coordinates visits for fellowship winners to sites where people are actively engaged in HPC research or development.  A typical visit lasts 3-5 days, and includes a presentation about the fellowship winner's own research as well as meetings with researchers at the hosting site.

To help expose even more graduate students to the experience, the fellowship winner later gives a seminar about the visit to students at his/her university.

Is your organization interesting in hosting a George Michael Memorial HPC Fellow?  Contact