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Travel Grants

The SIGHPC travel grant program helps undergraduate and graduate students who wish to attend

SC15 Student Travel Grant awardees with officers from ACM. 
(Left-to-Right) Bobby Schnabel (ACM CEO and Executive Director),
Glenna Dunn, Samuel Li, Jacob Pollack, Jonah Miller, William Yang, Dino Magri, Gavin Baker, 
Thalia Karydi, Evan Schneider, Natasha Pavlovikj,
 Alexander Wolf (ACM President).

SIGHPC travel grants for undergraduate and early graduate students

SIGHPC offers travel grants to help undergraduate and graduate students attend the annual SC conference.
  • Who's eligible: Students at the undergraduate or early graduate level, enrolled in an accredited university in any country, and who are members of SIGHPC. Applicants do not have to be making a presentation at SC, but they need to describe why they will benefit from attending the conference.
  • How many: Up to 6 travel scholarships will be made for attending SC18 (Dallas, November 11-16, 2018)
  • What's included: Expenses are reimbursed for up to 
    • $600 for recipients from North American universities
    • $1200 for travel from another continent
  • How to apply: Application submissions for the SIGHPC travel grants are now open 
  • Application deadline: September 3, 2018

ACM-W/SIGHPC travel scholarships for women students

SIGHPC has teamed with ACM's Women in Computing division to help undergraduate and graduate women students attend the annual SC conference.
  • Who's eligible: Graduate or undergraduate women enrolled in an accredited university, in any country, who are student members of ACM. Although not required, preference is given to students co-authoring a paper or poster.
  • How many: Up to 3 travel scholarships will be made for attending SC18 (Dallas November 11-16, 2018)
  • What's included: Expenses are reimbursed for up to 
    • $600 for recipients from North American universities
    • $1200 for travel from another continent
In addition to funding travel expenses, awardees will receive complimentary conference registration and will be assigned a mentor. 
  • How to apply: Read the details and fill out the form on the ACM-W website. Applications open on May 15, 2018.
  • Application deadline: August 15, 2018

SIGHPC Travel Grant Recipients 2013-2017

2017 Recipients
Xavier Yepes Arbos (Master’s student) - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain
Muhammed Ibrahim Awan (Undergraduate student) - Rutgers University, USA
Anna Kormu (Undergraduate student) - University of Helsinki, Finland
Tiffany Li (Undergraduate student) - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Yasodhadevi Suriyakumar (PhD student) - Portland State University, USA
Amalee Wilson (PhD student) - The University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
Mengyuan Zhu (Master’s student) - Georgia State University, USA

2016 Recipients
Matthew Bae  (Undergraduate student) - Harvey Mudd College, USA 
Sangeetha Banavathi Srinivasa  (Master's student) - Virginia Tech, USA 
Tiffany Connors (Undergraduate student) - University of Bergen, Norway
Sameera Horawalavithana (PhD candidate) - University of South Florida, USA 
Chirag Jain (PhD candidate) - Georgia Tech, USA 
Giulio Stromondo (PhD candidate) - University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

SC15 Travel Grant awardees with ACM officers. 
Bobby Schnabel, ACM CEO & Executive Director (left)
Alexander Wolf, ACM President (right)

2015 Recipients (left to right)
Glenna Dunn (PhD candidate) - Vanderbilt University, USA
žShaomeng (Samuel) Li (PhD candidate) - University of Oregon, USA 
žJacob Pollack (Undergraduate student) - The University of Tennessee, Knoxville*USA 
žJonah Miller (PhD candidate) - University of Guelph*, Canada 
žWilliam Yang (Undergraduate student) - University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA
žDino Raffael Magri (Master’s student) - University of Sao Paulo, Brazil 
Gavin Baker(Master’s student) - California Polytechnic State University, USA
žEfthalia Karydi (PhD candidate) - University of Macedonia, Greece
žEvan Schneider (PhD candidate) - University of Arizona, USA 
žNatasha Pavlovikj (PhD candidate) - University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA 

* Sponsored by Micron Technology. SIGHPC wishes to acknowledge the $2000 donation from Micron Technology that allowed the support of additional travel scholarships.

SC14 Travel Grant awardees with SIGHPC and ACM officers.
Cherri Pancake, SIGHPC Chair (left)
John White, CEO of ACM (right)

2014 Recipients
 (left to right)
Nam Pho (Master's student) - Harvard Medical School, USA
Damilola Shonaike (Undergraduate student) - University of Texas at Austin, USA
Matthias Matthias (Master's student) - Ludwig Maximilians University, Germany
Bo (Ivy) Peng (PhD candidate) - KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden
Rebecca Tung (PhD candidate) - Curtin University in Perth, Australia

2013 Recipients

Milind Chabbi (PhD candidate) - Rice University, USA
Stephanie Labasan (PhD candidate) - University of Oregon, USA
Brian McClure (Undergraduate student) - University of South Carolina Beaufort, USA

ACM-W/SIGHPC Recipients

2016 Recipient
Yuliana Zamora (Master's student) - Georgia Tech, USA

2013 Recipients
Hemishi De Silva (Undergraduate student) - University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Mary Phillips (Undergraduate student) - Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 
Cindy Solano (Master’s student) - Universidad Industrial de Santander, Columbia