Reporting for Event Organizers

Demographic reporting requirements for SIGHPC-affiliated events

SIGHPC is collecting data about diversity to meet the goals of our parent organization, ACM. This page outlines the new reporting requirements for the organizers of all SIGHPC-affiliated event organizers.

Who is affected by the change?

As of 2019, if you are an organizer of any event that is sponsored by SIGHPC or held “in cooperation with SIGHPC”, you are required to collect data and provide a summary back to SIGHPC. We strongly encourage organizers of events in 2018 to report this data as well.

What is changing?

As an organizer of a SIGHPC-affiliated event, you are asked to:

  • structure your committees to include diverse backgrounds and opinions

  • establish rigorously fair review/selection processes to ensure there is no explicit or implicit bias against newcomers (for example, by adopting double blind review of technical submissions)

  • consider diversity when selecting invited speakers or panel participants

As an organizer of a SIGHPC-affiliated event, you are required to :

  • gather statistics on the makeup of committees, reviewers, authors of accepted technical content, and (if any) invited speakers

  • report that information to SIGHPC each year as part of the post-event report

What data must be collected and about whom?

You must collect the requested data for your event, then report it in the summary that is required by ACM within 90 days of the event. This is a condition of maintaining affiliated status in the future. SIGHPC requires that you report data on 4 groups: committee members, reviewers, accepted authors, and speakers. You may choose to extend your reporting to include other groups involved in your event as well (for example, attendees).

Use the following questions to collect the required demographic information.

Which category best describes your organization? (select one)

  • University/College

  • Other educational institution (e.g., kindergarten through high school)

  • Industry

  • Government Agency or Contractor

  • Non-profit Organization

  • Other, please specify:

What is your primary role? (select one)

  • Technical

  • Education

  • Management

  • Other, please specify:

What is the primary country where you work? (choose one)

[List of countries]

What is your gender identity?

  • Male

  • Female

  • Other [with an option to specify the respondent desires]

  • Prefer not to specify

What about other types of demographic data?

You are not required to gather additional data, but we encourage you to add as many of these optional items as possible. Of course, you may also add questions to suit your event-specific needs. You are encouraged, but not required, to report this optional information to SIGHPC.

What is your age group?

  • Under 18

  • 18-24

  • 25-34

  • 35-44

  • 45-54

  • 55-64

  • 65+

Do you identify as being a member of an underrepresented group?

  • No

  • Yes [with an option to specify if the respondent desires]

  • Do not wish to provide

Do you have a disability (e.g., as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act)?

  • No

  • Yes [with an option to specify if the respondent desires]

  • Do not wish to provide

How should the data be summarized in your report?

The summary report form includes a table to report summary data. When completing this form, data should be provided as counts, not percentages or fractions, since we will be aggregating them to present as SIG-wide summary information.