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What is SIGHPC?

SIGHPC is the Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM) Special Interest Group on High Performance Computing. SIGHPC is one of a number of SIGs sponsored by the ACM to keep members up-to-date with the latest technical developments, provide an opportunity to network with colleagues outside the workplace, and deliver the latest information, resources, and forums for discussion in a particular area of focus.

Why was SIGHPC started?

SIGHPC's mission is to promote the advancement of the field of High Performance Computing in three ways:
  • by disseminating research and experience by those using computing resources to tackle problems at the largest scale
  • by promoting the mentoring and education of the next generation of HPC professionals
  • by serving as a source of information about the field to other parts of ACM and the larger scientific community

What communities does SIGHPC serve?

SIGHPC focuses on HPC in the broadest sense of the term, spanning the full range of high-performance technologies, systems, and applications. This includes an extremely wide variety of organizations and individuals engaged in studying, developing, teaching, and supporting high-performance computing, storage, networking, software, and systems. It also encompasses an even wider range of people engaged in applying HPC across a broad spectrum of scientific, engineering, and business domains.

Who are the leaders of SIGHPC?

ACM's rules establish that new SIGs are led by an initial group of officers (those involved in founding the SIG) until a coordinated round of elections is held, from which point on the leadership of the SIG is elected by SIG membership. For SIGHPC, the first elections will occur in June 2013 as part of ACM's annual voting cycle.

The following individuals lead SIGHPC:

  • Chair:  Jeff Hollingsworth, University Maryland
  • Past Chair:  Cherri Pancake, Oregon State University
  • Vice-Chair:  John West, TACC, University of Texas at Austin
  • Treasurer:  Rajeev Thakur, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Newsletter Editor:  Rich Vuduc, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Communications:  John West, TACC, University of Texas at Austin
  • Membership: Sue McIntosh, New York University (NYU) and Cloudera
  • Student Programs:  Barbara Horner-Miller, Arctic Region Supercomputing Center (retired)
  • Websites: Michela Taufer, University of Delaware
How does someone become a member of SIGHPC?

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the role that high performance computing plays in our society. The cost is $25 per year, and does not require membership in ACM. Join SIGHPC now

What are the benefits of SIGHPC membership?

  • SIGHPC members receive member rates at key community events:  SIGHPC members are eligible for discounted member rates at SIGHPC sponsored and cooperating workshops and conferences, including major international events such as the annual SC conference.
  • HPC newsletter:  Members receive email and online versions of at least 3 newsletters each year, filled with HPC updates, descriptions of upcoming activities, and opportunities to be a part of the HPC community.
  • Access to research reports, conference proceedings, HPC theses, and more:  Joining SIGHPC gives you access to the wide range of HPC materials we will be adding to the ACM Digital Library.
  • An affordable professional affiliation:  Whether you are a student interested in learning more about HPC as a career, or a practicing professional who wants to be part of a larger community, now is the time to join SIGHPC. Membership is just $25/year.

How can I get connected to SIGHPC?

We are just getting started, and the most important thing we need as we grow this organization from an idea to an organizing force in our community is ... you!

You can stay connected to us on the internet via Facebook and Twitter. You can also volunteer to help us spread the word at conferences and workshops and give us your great ideas for growing SIGHPC by sending an email to volunteer@sighpc.org.