Bylaws of SIGHPC, the Special Interest Group on High Performance Computing of the Association for Computing Machinery

Adopted: 01 November 2011

Amended: 05 October 2012 (transitional addendum removed)

Article 1. Name and Scope.

Article 2. Purpose.

SIGHPC is organized and will be operated exclusively for educational, research, and technical purposes in its specialty. Its services will include:

Article 3. Charter.

SIGHPC will exist until dissolved as provided in Bylaw 6 of the ACM.

Article 4. Officers.

Article 5. The Executive Committee.

Article 6. Ad-hoc Committees.

Article 7. Vacancies and Appointments.

Article 8. Newsletter.

Article 9. The Advisory Board.

Article 10. Membership, Dues, and Voting Privileges.

Article 11. Reports and Records.

Article 12. Elections.

Article 13. Amendments.

Article 14. Dissolution.

Article 15. Meetings.

Article 16. Consistency.