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SIGHPC collaborates with conferences, workshops, and symposia through sponsorship and In-Cooperation arrangements. 

The sponsor of an event has legal and financial responsibility. In-cooperation status is a formal agreement between ACM/SIGHPC and an event with the primary goals of shared publicity and encouraging association members to participate. In-cooperation specifically excludes financial participation, responsibility, or liability on the part of ACM. 

Each relationship must be approved in advance by the SIGHPC Executive Committee and by ACM. The decision is based on the quality of the event and the likely benefit of its products (proceedings, reports, etc.). This is  a formal agreement between a particular event and ACM/SIGHPC. If your event is held annually, approval must be requested each year.

Conference Sponsorship

SIGHPC-sponsored conferences are underwritten financially by SIGHPC, which therefore requires a close working relationship between SIGHPC and conference leadership. To maintain its not-for-profit status, ACM cannot enter into arrangements with meetings that are sponsored by for-profit entities, such as computer hardware/software manufacturers.

The ACM has also provided a SIG Conference Planning Guide with general guidelines and information. All SIGHPC-affiliated conferences are encouraged to follow SIGHPC guidelines and policies.

Sponsored conferences are entitled to:

Co-sponsored by SIGHPC

Events being held in cooperation with SIGHPC

The proceedings of all collaborative events are available to SIGHPC members through the ACM Digital Library

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To maintain sponsored status, SIGHPC-sponsored conference organizers must meet the following requirements:

Prior to the Conference: 

Following the Conference:

Ongoing Responsibilities:

Paper Selection Process:

SIGHPC aims to maintain the highest technical and professional standards for our sponsored conferences. The following technical program review and publication practices are strongly recommended:

How to apply for SIGHPC Sponsorship

In Cooperation Events

In-cooperation conferences do not entail a financial commitment from SIGHPC, and

thus have reduced benefits and responsibilities. 

In-Cooperation events are entitled to:

If you would like SIGHPC In-Cooperation status for a technical meeting, you will need to meet the ACM guidelines and follow the procedure outlined below. Please note that failure to complete all stages of this process can impact future In-Cooperation proposals for your event.

SIGHPC In-Cooperation Events must meet the following requirements:

To host an In-Cooperation Event: