SIGHPC expects its members to be respectful of others, regardless of their backgrounds.

In support of this goal and ACM’s Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment, the organizers of all SIGHPC-related activities have been asked to: 

As of 2019, event organizers are required to report demographic data on gender, geographical, and organizational representation. SIGHPC will aggregate that data and include it in on this page in regular updates, along with similar information on SIG membership.


Committee to Aid REporting on discrimination and haraSsment (CARES) policy violations

The SIGHPC Executive Committee encourages a welcoming, harassment-free research community at all professional meetings sponsored by SIGHPC. CARES seeks to discourage bad behavior and offer a compassionate ear for community members to discuss their experiences confidentially.  For more information, please visit ACM SIGHPC CARES.  

SIGHPC Membership

Active members, as of March 2018

SC Conference Demographics

The annual SC conference has published demographic data on its committees and attendees since 2016. See the current conference website for data on this year's current conference committee. 

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