What is SIGHPC?

SIGHPC is the Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM) Special Interest Group on High Performance Computing. SIGHPC is one of a number of SIGs sponsored by the ACM to keep members up-to-date with the latest technical developments, provide an opportunity to network with colleagues outside the workplace, and deliver the latest information, resources, and forums for discussion in a particular area of focus.

Why was SIGHPC started?

SIGHPC's mission is to promote the advancement of the field of High Performance Computing in three ways:

What communities does SIGHPC serve?

SIGHPC focuses on HPC in the broadest sense of the term, spanning the full range of high-performance technologies, systems, and applications. This includes an extremely wide variety of organizations and individuals engaged in studying, developing, teaching, and supporting high-performance computing, storage, networking, software, and systems. It also encompasses an even wider range of people engaged in applying HPC across a broad spectrum of scientific, engineering, and business domains.

Who are the leaders of SIGHPC?

SIGHPC's leaders are elected to three year terms by our members. Meet the volunteer leaders.

How does someone become a member of SIGHPC?

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the role that high performance computing plays in our society. The cost is $25 per year, and does not require membership in ACM. Join SIGHPC now

What are the benefits of SIGHPC membership?

How can I get connected to SIGHPC?

We are just getting started, and the most important thing we need as we grow this organization from an idea to an organizing force in our community is ... you!

You can stay connected to us on the internet via Facebook and Twitter. You can also volunteer to help us spread the word at conferences and workshops and give us your great ideas for growing SIGHPC by sending an email to

Who gets SIGHPC emails?

SIGHPC maintains a maillist for active SIGHPC members.  Individuals can "opt out" of receiving emails by modifying their profiles on the myACM website.

Can I post to the SIGHPC maillist?

No, the SIGHPC maillist is reserved for official communications.  Mailings are kept to a minimum, and are limited to:

Will SIGHPC announce my workshop / scholarship / book / etc.?

SIGHPC's official communications are limited to events or news directly involved with SIGHPC, but consider posting your news to our social media outlets (see below).

Can I post to SIGHPC's social media outlets (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)?

Yes, we encourage you to post about events, publications, and other information of interest and relevance to SIGHPC members on our social media outlets. SIGHPC reserves the right to remove posts and links determined no to be relevant or which do not advance the ideals and goals of the organization. Official postings by SIGHPC follow our member communication guidelines.