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SIGHPC members have full access to the proceedings of all conferences/workshops that are sponsored or held in cooperation with SIGHPC. This page summarizes those holdings. To access them:

ACM Open Table of Contents (TOC) Service

The ACM OpenTOC is a unique service that enables Special Interest Groups to open the content from recently held conferences enabling visitors to download the definitive version of the contents from the ACM Digital Library at no charge in perpetuity starting from the conference start date. Downloads of these articles are captured in official ACM statistics, improving the accuracy of usage and impact measurements.

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Benchmarking in the DataCenter

International Workshop on Extreme Heterogeneity Solutions

Workshop on General Purpose Processing using Graphics Processing Unit

Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing

Practice & Experience in Advanced Research Computing

Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming

Programming Models and Applications for Multicores and Manycores

SCxy, The International Conference for HPC, Networking, Storage, and Analysis