SIGHPC Chapters

SIGHPC chapters provide an opportunity for a sub-group of SIGHPC to form a more targeted community. Chapters can be organized by a geographic region or by a technical topic area. They can be based on city, state, prefecture, or canton. They can also be on specific topic area of mutual interest, such as running MPI over a tin can and string network.

HPC is a broad, multi-disciplined field with members often spread across different parts of companies or universities. The idea of a chapter is to allow our scattered members to gather together around topics of common interest related to HPC. Depending on the chapter, they might have physical meetings, webinars, BOF sessions at conferences - or whatever it takes to allow the community to flourish and serve its members.

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Current SIGHPC Chapters

SIGHPC-BigData Chapter: this chapter promotes the convergence between HPC and BigData. Become a member!

SIGHPC Education Chapter: this chapter targets aspects of teaching HPC, developing educational or training materials, and curriculum development. Become a member!

SIGHPC-RCE Chapter: this chapter's mission is to promote the advancement of the field of High Performance Computing in Resource Constrained Environments (RCE). Become a member!

SYSPROS Chapter: the Systems Professionals chapter (or SYSPROS) supports the interests and needs of systems administrators, developers, engineers, and other professionals involved or interested in the operation and support of systems for high performance computing (HPC). Check out the chapter website for membership information.

Going to SC18? Come to BOFs and workshops hosted by SIGHPC chapters!

You're invited!! Join us at our chapter BOFs where you'll listen to a wonderful lineup of speakers while meeting members having similar interests. SC18 BOF schedule: