Your Event + SIGHPC

If you're organizing a workshop/conference related to HPC, consider collaborating with SIGHPC. There are two ways to do this, and each involves different procedures and timeline:

  • In cooperation with SIGHPC: This is the most common arrangement, the rest of this page describes how it works

  • Sponsored (or co-sponsored) by SIGHPC: This is a more formal relationship, since SIGHPC provides financial backing for the event as well as vouching for its professional quality. However, the sponsorship process must be started at least one year prior to the event.

Learn more about in-cooperation versus sponsorship

Notice to future SC workshop organizers: Effective beginning with SC18, SIGHPC will no longer offer in cooperation status to workshops that are part of the SC technical program. Organizers interested in having their proceedings published in the ACM DL may apply directly to ACM’s International Conference Proceedings Series.

Here's Why

Events held "in cooperation with SIGHPC" enjoy the following benefits:

  • Dissemination of your event's call-for-papers to diverse range of HPC professionals via SIGHPC's members mailing list

  • Advertisement of your event on SIGHPC's website and (soon) online calendar

  • Permission to use ACM SIGHPC name and logo on publicity/publication materials

  • Hosting of your proceedings hosted in ACM's Digital library, where papers can be accessed by millions of users each year

  • Inclusion of event summary SIGHPC's newsletter after the conference is over

Events "sponsored by SIGHPC" have the same benefits, and also receive financial support. (Note that the sponsorship process must be started at least one year prior to the event.)

Here's How

Does Your Event Qualify?

  • You can have corporate supporters/donors (contributing money, services, etc.), but the group legally responsible for your event must be a university or other non-profit organization. Is your "sponsor" appropriate for an in-cooperation event?

  • Your call-for-papers cannot be issued until after both SIGHPC and ACM have formally approved the in-cooperation arrangement

  • Participation must be open to participation by SIGHPC members

  • If you already have a publisher, they must agree to let ACM redistribute the proceedings in the ACM Digital Library. If you don't have a publisher yet, contact for assistance. Is your "publisher" appropriate for an in-cooperation event?

  • A proceedings or other output must be made available to SIGHPC members through the ACM Digital Library

  • For other requirements, read the fine print