PPoPP 2021

The Annual Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming

Sat 27 February - Wed 3 March 2021

PPoPP is the premier forum for leading work on all aspects of parallel programming, including theoretical foundations, techniques, languages, compilers, runtime systems, tools, and practical experience. In the context of the symposium, “parallel programming” encompasses work on concurrent and parallel systems (multicore, multi-threaded, heterogeneous, clustered, and distributed systems; grids; datacenters; clouds; and large scale machines). Given the rise of parallel architectures in the consumer market (desktops, laptops, and mobile devices) and data centers, PPoPP is particularly interested in work that addresses new parallel workloads and issues that arise out of extreme-scale applications or cloud platforms, as well as techniques and tools that improve the productivity of parallel programming or work towards improved synergy with such emerging architectures.

More information on PPoPP 2021 can be found at: https://ppopp21.sigplan.org/

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