ACM SIGHPC Emerging Woman Leader In Technical Computing

2023 Winner

Dr. Amanda Randles, Duke University

Dr. Amanda Randles is the 2023 ACM SIGHPC Emerging Woman Leader in Technical Computing award winner. Dr. Randles is the Alfred Winborne and Victoria Stover Mordecai Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Duke University and holds positions with the departments of Biomedical Engineering, Engineering and Materials Science, and Computer Science. She is also member of the Duke Cancer Institute. She is recognized for her innovative work in developing new approaches to circulatory blood flow simulation at all scales of computing, as well as her dedicated mentorship and community service. 

The Emerging Woman Leader in Technical Computing award is unique in recognizing mid-career women in the technical and high performance computing communities. The award is presented annually in recognition of the candidate’s impact on her chosen field, as indicated by early career achievements and her commitment to growing our community through service and mentorship. The award is presented at the annual SC conference, the HPC community's most prestigious annual gathering.

Dr. Randles is passionate about developing high-resolution, patient-specific computational models to improve vascular disease diagnosis, treatment planning, and ultimately outcomes. Her research program develops new technologies using physics-based modeling, high performance computing, machine learning, and computational fluid dynamics to tackle biomedical challenges. She collaborates with cardiologists, vascular surgeons, mechanical engineers, and computer scientists to investigate mechanisms driving disease localization, progression, and treatment.

Throughout her professional career, Professor Randles has received numerous honors, fellowships, and awards, such as the ACM Grace Hopper Award and the DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship. She holds over 120 patents, and her well-known blood flow simulation code, HARVEY, has been ported to the world’s top-ranked computers, illustrating the benefits of multidisciplinarity. 

"I am very encouraged by the quality of the nominations that the EWLTC selection committee reviewed this year. While this made the selection very difficult, we were all inspired to see so many accomplished women contributing to the HPC at the highest levels. We are proud to have selected Dr. Amanda Randles receive the SIGHPC Emerging Woman Leader in Technical Computing Award,” commented Dr. Cristina Beldica, Chair of the EWLTC Committee. “Dr. Randles is a truly singular example of leadership and vision in both technical computing and education. Her contributions cannot be measured by her projection into just one field, such as HPC, algorithms, or biomechanics. Instead, her pursue of multiscale and multiphysics methods at frontier scale, opens the pathway for many other researchers to productive and creative uses of computational science and engineering in the life sciences and beyond.”

Dr. Randles received her bachelor’s degree in Physics and Computer Science from Duke University, and her Masters and PhD in Applied Physics and Computational Science from Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. She also served as a CA Fellow at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA, and worked at IBM developing software for the Blue Gene series.