Reporting for Event Organizers

Demographic reporting requirements for SIGHPC-affiliated events

ACM is deeply committed to fostering a scientific community that supports and benefits from the talents of community members from a wide range of backgrounds. ACM has mandated that these demographic questions be used throughout ACM for all activities, and responses will be required from all ACM authors, reviewers, conference attendees, volunteers, and members.  This includes all events sponsored by and in-cooperation with SIGHPC. Please help us collect the data we need to gauge our success at advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in all ACM activities by responding to the questions below.

The anonymized data will be used to gauge ACM's success in advancing DEI through annual reporting to the ACM community. This anonymized data may also be used for conference resourcing, and for improvement of ACM services, policies, and processes. The data will be reported in aggregate only for 50 people or more. For details about the storage of and access to these data, please see the ACM Privacy Policy.

What is required?

As an organizer of a SIGHPC-affiliated event, you are required to :

What data must be collected and about whom?

You must collect the requested data for your event, then report it in the summary that is required by ACM within 90 days of the event. SIGHPC requires that you report data on five groups: attendees, committee members, reviewers, accepted authors, and speakers. You may choose to extend your reporting to include other groups involved in your event as well (for example, student programs). 

Use the following questions to collect the required demographic information. 

Questions (all are required)

With which gender do you most identify?

(the form allows for only one selection)

When were you born?

(the form allows for only one selection)


What are your ethnic origins or ancestry? Please select ALL geographic areas from which your family's ancestors first originated:


(form allows multiple answers)

How would you identify yourself in terms of race? Please select ALL the groups that apply to you:

(form allows multiple answers)


Do you have a disability? Please select ALL that apply to you:


(form allows multiple answers)


Where do you currently live? Please select ONE:

(form presents list of countries and allows for a single selection)