FAQs About Events

I'm organizing a workshop/conference.  Will SIGHPC sponsor it?

SIGHPC collaborates with events in two ways:  "in-cooperation with SIGHPC" and "sponsored by SIGHPC".  Sponsorship requires a lot more paperwork - and lead time.  Learn more about in-cooperation versus sponsorship.

How far ahead do I have to arrange SIGHPC collaboration?

For in-cooperation status, you'll need to submit your proposal to SIGHPC  at least 4 weeks before you issue your call-for-papers. Because of the financial support, sponsorship proposals must be made at least 1 year before your event.  Learn more about the process

How do I know if my workshop/conference qualifies?

ACM and SIGHPC have the following minimum requirements for collaborations:

Why do some event proposals get turned down by SIGHPC?

SIGHPC is expected to enforce all of the requirements for in-cooperation status.  Here are some examples of reasons why past proposals had to be declined:

Will SIGHPC publicize my event etc.?

SIGHPC's official communications are limited to events that are either sponsored by or in cooperation with SIGHPC.  If that doesn't apply, consider posting your news to our social media outlets (see FAQs about Communications)