Types of Collaboration

SIGHPC welcomes the opportunity to sponsor, co-sponsor, or grant "in cooperation with SIGHPC" status to conferences, workshops, and other technical meetings that are of benefit to our members.

Each relationship must be approved in advance by the SIGHPC Executive Committee and by ACM. The decision is based on the quality of the event and the likely benefit of its products (proceedings, reports, etc.), and the quality of the event will continue to be monitored once approval is given.

This is a formal agreement between a particular event and ACM/SIGHPC. If your event is held annually, approval must be requested each year (although the process is streamlined after a successful year).

Sponsorship versus In-Cooperation Status

There are two ways in which SIGHPC can be involved with a technical meeting. That is, your event may be:

  • In cooperation with SIGHPC

  • Sponsored (or co-sponsored) by SIGHPC

From your event's perspective, the difference is that applying for in-cooperation status is far simpler to obtain because it does not entail any financial involvement or liability by ACM or SIGHPC.

There is also a different timeline: while sponsorship requires a proposal at least 12 months prior to the event, in-cooperation status can usually be granted as late as 6 months before the event. It is very important to note that ACM approval must be completed before any call-for-papers is issued.

Learn about the requirements for in-cooperation status.

For sponsorship or co-sponsorship information, contact meetings@SIGHPC.org